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Teuza's holdings: 16%

Established in 2007 by Avinoam Rubinstain and Barak Hachamov, my6sense offers an open programmatic white label native advertising platform for ad networks, media companies, group publishers, DSPs, and SSPs. my6sense highly specialized technology combines the best of what is offered by both traditional native (content recommendations) and advanced programmatic ecosystems (RTB exchanges) to offer the best of both worlds in one holistic end-to-end solution.

Native programmatic is gathering momentum at unprecedented speed, spiking massive market growth. Native ad revenue in the US reached $10.7B in 2015, accounting for 20% of total US online ad revenue. Native programmatic is predicted to grow from less than $1B today to over $9B by 2018.

As a white label ready-to-implement fully featured solution, our flexible model works with any business blueprint, supports all native ad units and comes equipped with a suite of tools for full control and customization. Digital Intuition®, my6sense’s powerful patented algorithm, provides advanced content personalization by optimizing the performance of both organic content and native ads. Our Cross-Network Native Exchange offers out of the box scalability by interconnecting media groups and 3rd party demand and supply providers to an open programmatic RTB exchange.

Leading industry group publishers and ad networks from the US, Europe and Asia trust my6sense’s solution and utilize it for all of their native business operations to maximize revenue on a daily basis. Additionally, the vast majority of Native DSPs and demand partners have integrated with our native exchange to boost their profits. To date, our system serves over 10 billion monthly native impressions, with traffic increasing 10-fold year over year.

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