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Teuza's holdings: 9%

JetCu PCB was established in 2014. JetCu invented & patented a new Ink Jet based pattern printing chemical technology that can be used in Electronic Packaging Applications. Once implemented, the technology can be disruptive.

Its benefits include: lower cost, cutting the number of process steps green chemistry and improved electrical behavior.

These attributes can be attractive to all electronic manufacturing segments. All electronic packaging solutions need to deliver higher density over time in order to address the need for more functionalities. For example, PCB has reached a point that in products like mobile phones, current production processes cannot continue and shrink feature size. As a result, manufacturers need to move to new, more complex and more expensive production processes.

Employing JetCu Ink Jet Chemistry can extend the use of current manufacturing lines and lower the cost of both starting and running new lines.

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