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Teuza's holdings: 4%

EnVerid, is an American company that has a subsidiary company in Israel at a Research and Development Center. EnVerid has developed a patented air treatment and energy saving system for HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems that brings technology originally used for maintaining air quality in submarines and space stations to commercial buildings. EnVerid’s differentiated energy saving technology enables businesses to save 20% to 40% on heating/cooling energy costs annually, bringing a tangible return on investment to customers with an estimated payback of two years or less.

Traditionally, commercial buildings maintain safe CO2 levels by frequently replacing used indoor air with hot, more humid outdoor air to maintain a desired level of air quality. However, cooling the hot outside air that is pumped into the building consumes a tremendous amount of energy and, in fact, represents a large portion of overall energy costs. The idea behind enVerid is simple but powerful: recycle the indoor air using proprietary technology to eliminate CO2, and other unwanted contaminants instead of continually replacing it with hot air from the outside.

EnVerid has developed patented technology and has an exclusive license with the Department of Energy (DOE) to use the same chemicals vetted for use in liquid form on submarines and spacecraft. enVerid’s innovative approach is impregnating this chemical into a solid and using it as a commercial solution for removing CO2 indoors.

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